Hello Frothy World:

Hi, we're Frothy. A studio designing communities for web3. Frothed to meet ya. 🌐

What do we even mean by "frothy"?

We love explaining the essence of this verb, and the meanings that are rolled into it.

When we say "to froth", we mean to be genuinely excited, ideologically intrigued, socially consumed by something. And to stir shit up in beautiful ways.

Also, for you powder + ocean chasers out there, YES, this is a term used a lot in surf/ skate/ slope communities. We have borrowed the best of this idiom, and vibe with its optimistic slant on the future of web3.

What TF is Community Design?

Community Design is a framework for creating continual growth of web3 projects + the humans within their community fabric. We are a collective of web3-native strategists who froth community design. Frothy is all about a community-first approach to growth.

Are we in a Community Renaissance?

Communities are sacred. Communities have long been misunderstood. We are now living in a community renaissance. Launching and scaling projects in this community renaissance requires a dedicated community operating system.

The Frothy OS / Manifesto

At the heart of the Frothy OS are the relationships we build: the super nutrients to the web3 growth equation. The ecosystem can only grow by nurturing the community and social architecture in the right ways. We activate this through The Frothy Five.

1. De-risking launches

  • Community Design de-risks the launch and go-to-market success of a new project or company. Not investing in community design is expensive. Without it, the founding team operates in a vacuum, with product and engineering devoid of a true feedback from the early 100 true fans. This only results in passive or utilitarian inclusion of the so called "community".

2. Metaverse vibe curation

  • Community Design involves a smash up of architectural formats. It intersects social architecture, spatial design and behavioral psychology. Truly great community design involves crafting a unique feeling around a product and the holistic experience inside the metaverse. The feeling the community invokes needs to be inviting, supportive and expansive. It has to feel like family.

3. Community meme-making

  • Inside each strong community lies a humming Meme factory that taps into the cultural zeitgeist. Part of the Community Design OS is recognizing that meme artistry + distribution is a core tool in the arsenal of growth tools. This goes beyond pixels and moon-centric dogs. At the crux of meme-creation is discernment of subculture subtleties and linguistic perception. Society has evolved due to memetic effects, through mimicry and remix. Its in our DNA. We believe it is absolutely in the DNA of community design methodology.

4. Contribution flywheel

  • Great community design means shipping a product you know the community will value. Co-creation is King, and Queen. This means progressive acts of collaboration. Mobilizing a community to build with you is viable only when the community actually feel seen. The more seen the community feels, the more potent the contribution flywheel. The stronger the flywheel, the higher the retention, the more vigorous the virality.

5. The fingerspitzengefühl

  • We love this sneaky little German word. It cuts to the core of community not being a 'one-size-fits-all' kind of play. It basically translates to the "fingertip feeling" when you're so in tune with your allies, contributors, members, that you know exactly how your community is thinking and what lights them up.

Why Mirror?

Our intention is to share what the Frothy OS translates to, and how we can all win with more community-first strategies. We also intend to explore the community ecosystem opportunity from the current vantage point, and where we can all go from here. \n \n ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Froth out on this NFT...

It just wouldn't feel right to release our first Mirror article without a bit of NFT froth factor. ❄️

Paying homage to Earth's wild ecosystems and the wildness of web3. It is a very wild world our there, more so than ever

As we're shared with you, Frothy is all about the ecosystem. Building it, nurturing it, frothing it. If we're so frothed on ecosystem development, then how are we benefiting and regenerating our planetary ecosystems?

20% donation from this sale goes to Kea Conservation Trust to protect the world's endangered and only alpine parrot 🦜.

If you're feeling frothy for the long haul, WAGMI

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